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Welcome to R-MC StudioAbroad!
Your semester abroad adventure begins here, where you can: 

Search for study abroad programs using criteria such as region, country, city or term and read short descriptions of each program. To do this, click on PROGRAMS at the top left of this page. You are welcome to explore programs to your heart's content, at any time.

Create a profile. If you would like to save programs you find interesting, or apply for study abroad, you must create a profile. To do this, click on LOG IN/REGISTER at the top right of this page.

Apply for semester and year-long programs. When you're ready, log in to your profile, navigate to any program description and click on the APPLY NOW button. This will begin the application process. Clicking on 'Apply Now' does not submit information to a program provider or a university outside R-MC, nor is your program choice set in stone; it just gets the process started (think of it like the Common App for colleges). If you change your mind, the study abroad advisor can direct your application toward a different program. 

NEW: Apply for scholarships funded through R-MC. Click on the word SCHOLARSHIPS at the top left of your screen, above the Announcements, for descriptions and application instructions.  

Submit application materials, some by means of an electronic signature, and track the progress of your application. 
The semester abroad application process has several steps
Step 1: Advising. Create a profile in StudioAbroad, then click on Apply Now (found on any program description page) to start your application. Fill out the advising questionnaire, submit an unofficial transcript, and schedule a time to meet with the study abroad advisor to discuss your unique situation and goals.

Step 2: Apply to the OIE. After you've met with the study abroad advisor and determined which programs are the best fit for you, submit your remaining application materials to the R-MC Office of International Education (OIE). Pay close attention to dates - you will not have access to your online application beyond the deadline (if you need access after that time, contact the OIE).

Step 3: Apply to your program provider or host university. Only after you have been nominated by the OIE to study abroad will you complete the application process for the host university or program provider of your choice.

Applications for Fall 2017 or the 2017-18 academic year must be submitted to the OIE by January 15, 2017 
However! Not everyone is on campus during J-term, so it is best to begin before winter break. We urge you to meet with the study abroad advisor and request letters of recommendation before exam week in December, since faculty are not always available during vacations and may be traveling during J-term. 

Regardless of the deadlines set by ISEP or USAC or any other program, all RMC students apply to the OIE by the date above in order to be nominated to participate in a semester abroad program. Semester Abroad Info Sessions are held each semester (see the announcements to the left for details). You may create a profile, start an application, or meet with the study abroad advisor at any time of the year. If you have missed a deadline, contact to see if it is still possible to apply.